No Uthappa?

, Tendulkar and Raina have probably been the best batsman in the 3rd IPL, with the former two battling it out for the leading run scorers cap, the orange cap. Raina has not been as prolific but oozes class whenever he comes out to bat, and unlike Kallis and Tendulkar, he does not open, something that may have cost him a few runs, and something the Super Kings should really consider. Especially with an aging Hayden misfiring. While they may be the leading run scorers, the most destructive batsman has been Robin Uthappa, Kallis Bangalore Royal Challengers team mate. Yet Uthappa can’t make it into the Indian T20 World Cup squad.

Uthappa has hit the most 6’s, easing past the big hitting, if inconsistent Yusuf Pathan, but more than his ability to clear the boundary, almost at will, has been the consistency at which he is able to find the big shots game in and game out. Hitting ability, and the ability to close of innings and matches this well hasn’t really been seen since Lance Klusner used to do it at his prime for South Africa. Bangalore owe much of their success this season to the batting of Kallis, along with cameo’s from Pieterson, Dravid and Kholi, together with a well balance bowling attack, but the real clincher has been Uthappa. He’s given both chases and setting of totals an impetus that has taken the team to the next level. The ease and distance he’s been able to hit top bowlers and struggling ones alike has been remarkable. Yet he can’t get into the Indian team.

It seems Indian cricket may be suffering from a celebrity culture that takes places away from deserving players. It’s what happens on the field that counts. Tendulkar isn’t in the T20 team, which means that there’s one less batsman for Uthappa to get past. Of those chosen, Dhoni is captain and must play, Sehwag and Gambhir have not fired yet this year but you’d imagine they will start as the openers, Raina would come in next. But are the rest more worthy than Uthappa? Karthik is the reserve keeper and a good batsman, but better than Uthappa, who’s been keeping for the Challengers? Sharma has obvious ability and talent but like Karthik has been out batted by Uthappa. Yusuf Pathan and Jadeja are there as spinning all rounders so Uthappa wouldn’t be up against them. But Yuvraj Singh? He has shown an alarming lack of form and even more horrific lake of motivation this season. He has put the lack of form down to returning from injury, which would perhaps be believable if he hasn’t looked like a sulky teenager having been grounded. He lost the captaincy this year and has looked like he wants out ever since. And he’s been picked ahead of Uthappa? Clearly the celebrity of Yuvraj has been picked ahead of Uthappa.

So what has Uthappa to do to get past the bigger ego’s and reputations in the Indian team? If he’s not going to be picked on this form it’s hard to see him ever being picked. At 24 he still has many years ahead of him. Enough time to move to South Africa and qualify for the Protea’s. We’d have him, even if India won’t.

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