Ntini to Retire?

Although not being reported in the South African press as yet, news is doing the rounds in the British press than Protea’s legend Mayhaya Ntini is to announce his retirement from international cricket and sign a Kolpak contract with English county team Middlesex.

Ntini, who played in his 100 Test at the start of the current South Africa England series, has been dropped from the team playing the 3rd Test, a move that has been speculated on for a while due to his poor form, and it is thought that this decision, one that seems to signal the end of a very successful international career, may have prompted the approach by Middlesex.

It’s hard to imagine that all this happened over night. There must have been talks on going for a while, with the option open as the writing on the wall became clearer. However just a few weeks ago, just before his 100th Test, Ntini was talking about taking the 12 wickets he needed to go to 400 and then gunning for Shuan Pollocks record.

Whatever the outcome of this issue lets hope that South Africa and the cricket world in general remembers Ntini as the legend he has been and not for the fading great on show this season.


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