Adeybayor is in the Wrong


There should be no doubt in any minds that the actions by Manchester City’s Emmanuel Adeybayor this weekend against Arsenal must be punished. There has been much said on the issue, or issues rather, and surprisingly there seems to be a wide array of opinions. Adeybayor himself does not understand the fuss being made, he has been defended by his manager, Mark Hughes, and City fans, and has been vilified by many, notably Arsenal fans.

Vilified he should be. There is no doubting the talent of the forward, his record at Arsenal, the fee paid by City, and his start this season, four in four, a goal in every game, point to the Togo player being a talented, accomplished player. Scoring goals is not his problem, but his off field, and during this last match on field, actions are a problem.

Adeybayor feels that he has been unfairly targeted and subjected to abuse by Arsenal fans, during his final season at Arsenal, and continuing into this one. He fails to see the obvious. Ade was a talented young player at Monaco but had problems at the club when Arsene Wenger took a chance and brought him over to England. Few in England would have known about him. He quickly set about showing Arsenal fans exactly what he was about. His time at Arsenal was a success, he played well, scored goals, lots of them, and made a name for himself. And became a wanted man. Chelsea, City, Milan, Barcelona and others were interested. And Ade’s head was turned. During a press obligation for his boot sponsors he came out and said that it was time he went to one of the biggest clubs in the world, probably thinking that a move to Milan was forthcoming. This is where the beginning of the end for Ade at Arsenal can be traced back to. What this said to Arsene Wenger, and to Arsenal, the manager and club that made him, was that he was itching to move, and more importantly, that he didn’t view Arsenal as one of the best teams in the world. Can he be surprised that the Gunners fans turned on him?

The move to Milan didn’t happen and Ade spent another season at Arsenal, with the fans, and his team mates, feeling let down and questioning his commitment. That his performances didn’t match up to the previous season didn’t help. Adebayor has had some harsh words to say about Arsenal youngster Nicklas Bendtner in the media lately. He failed to understand why Bendtner, seen as an inferior player by himself, was commanding the respect of the Arsenal faithful while he was not too kindly viewed. True, Bendtners performances have not been anywhere near that of Ade’s, or in fact of the viewed potential of the Dane, but he has shown commitment on the pitch. He’s run his socks of in some games, and often out of position. Fans love a trier. Ade had stoped trying.

If Real Madrid meet Manchester United at some stage of this seasons Champions League Christiano Ronaldo will get a warm welcome at Old Trafford. Ronaldo’s dream has always been to play for Madrid, so while he kept saying he was happy at United and didn’t want to leave, the truth was his heart was always set on Madrid. The main difference between Ronaldo and Adebayor’s transfer situations is that Ronaldo didn’t, and still hasn’t, shown any disrespect to United. He still has love for the club, and the club still has love for him. Adeybayor does not have that luxury.

Any disrespect that Adebayor has shown to Arsenal before Saturday’s much was taken to the unforgivable during the match. His challenges on Fabregas and van Persie should have seen his sent off before he scored the decisive 3rd goal, but his goal celebration after scoring, running 90m to taunt the Arsenal fans should see him banned. Provocation should not be tolerated, and such over the top actions should be harshly dealt with. City fans have come out and said that such talk is just by jealous and bitter Arsenal fans. Not true. Whatever problems Carlos Tevez has with Fergie and the United board you won’t see him showing that sort of disrespect to United fans. Similarly Michael Owen should he score against Liverpool. The actions of Adebayor were that of a petulant, spoilt child and anyone who can’t see that is either blinded by club blinkers or has something wrong with themselves.

Adebayor is a quality, class player, his actions even before Saturday were not, and the display he should the world that evening don’t belong on any football pitch. The fact that he doesn’t see it that way does him some harm. The FA must hit him with a maximum ban with further fines and bans should he ever repeat his madness. His personal vendetta against Arsenal was that of a player out for himself with no thought about the team, a problem City may face when times get tougher. Adebayor shamed himself and his new club and must be punished and not allowed to get away with this.

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