IPL Auction News

With the rebel ICLmaking more headlines this week, with a host of Bangladesh players, including ex captain Bashar, signing up or set to sign, and the ICL saying they are still awaiting news of their application to be recognised by the ICC, the IPL, the recognised T20 league in India, has announced news of the next set of team auctions.

Although not yet set in stone, the IPL governing body meets in October, the date for the players auction has been earmarked for January 29 next year. The IPL governing body will also discuss the option of increasing the salary cap for players, which currently stands at $5 million.

A new addition to the IPL players selection is the advent of a transfer window for the second year of the IPL.  There will be a one month window before the beginning of the competition where teams can trade players. This extra element to the new season is sure to create even more interest in the period leading up to the action, just as the transfer window does for soccer.

The semi final and final hosts will also be decided. As defending champions the Rajasthan Royals, lead by Shane Warne, will decide where the final will be held, while the losing finalists, the Chennai Super Kings, will choose who will host the semi finals.

Next years IPL will take place from the 10th of April until the 29th of May.


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