Will City Be the Real Deal?

So Manchester City are potential the richest club in world football and now have a supposed unlimited transfer kitty that goes beyond even Chelsea’s ludicrous spending. Bur are they the real deal?

When Abromovictook Chelsea from a mid table team to the top of English football he revolutionised the London club witha spending spree that had never before been seen in world football. Chelsea’s first year of their rebirth saw them finish just off the pace to Arsenal’s unbeatables. The next year Mourinho came in and they won the title for the next two years. Then they finished 2nd the next year as Manchester United stormed back to the top. Mourinho was let go at the start of the following season and they again finished 2ndto United again. Last seasons loss to United in the Champions League final was their best performance in Europe. So with Chelsea as the obvious blue print, can Manchester City really reach the top of world football?

The Abu DhabiGroup have a worth that puts them way ahead of all the owners of football clubs, even Abromovic, and they have promised to bring the best players in the world to City, at any price, and have set their goals as a top four finish this season, title winners next season, and Champions League winners the next. It’s a pretty impressive target list, especially when you consider that Chelsea have yet to win the Champions League, and this season will be their 6th year under Abromovic. While their targets may be within reach, given their funds, and remember it only took Chelsea 2 seasons to buy the league title, their first goal, a top 4 finish may be out of reach for this season. Chelsea did it in their first season, but they had a whole preseason to go out andbuy. City’s take over left them with only a day to buy. They managed to bring in Robinho for a British record fee, but failed in bids for the likes of Torres, Villa, van Nistelrooy, Mario Gomes and Klaas Jan Huntelaar. So they working with the same players they had for this season before the money came pouring in, plus Robinho. City weren’t a top four team before Robinho joined, andthey won’t be one with him.

That means that the next time City have an opportunity to flex their financial muscles is the January transfer window. This will really be the first time they will be able to show the world what their plans are. However it will be near impossible to bring in the players they want, the best players in the world. 90% of the worlds top players play for the best teams in the world. And those teams, minus AC Milan, will be in the Champions League, and thus, unless they have been knocked out, will not do business for their best players. So this leaves City with the next tier of players, and perhaps the players from the Champions League teams who only have an interest in money, the mercenaries. So they will have to throw money at these players, from teams not involved in the Champions League, and hope that those brought in will be good enough to settle in very quickly, and to shoot them up to a top four finish. I don’t see that happening.

So maybe a more realistic goal for City would be to try finish as high as they can this season, bring in who they can in January, and really start over during the next preseason, where they will have the chance to buy big, get players settled, and have a realistic go at at top four finish. This season is too soon for the new challengers.

With that said the City owners to have a lot going for them. They’ve obviouslydone their homework well. They have chosen a club with a new stadium, a strong fan base, an excellent youth system, anda strong manager. Mark Hughes has done remarkably well with a small budget at Blackburn andnow deserves his chance to show what he can do with financialbacking. Everything is in place for City to go as far as their new owners want them too. They just need to find out a way to attract the players they want to City, because not all of them will be doing it for the money.

While some doubt that City will be a real threat, and Chelsea fans should be the last to say that, just give them a chance to see who they bring in, what they can do, and if Hughes can bring everything together, and the big four will not have things as easy as they have for the last few years. Some people may not like it, but it’s the way football is going, and will bring far more interest to the league, especially for neutral supporters.

City have some way to go before they can be the real deal, but Chelsea did it, so why not City?


pic from teamtalk.com


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