Ronaldo Saga Twists and Turns

It seems everyone with any remote connection to Christiano Ronaldo, real or imagined, is adding fuel to the speculation about whether or not the Manchester United star will be playing for the Red Devils or Real Madrid next season.

With Ronaldo saying on Monday that he will have news about his future in 48 hours the world, and Manchester United more closely, waited… and waited.

Then yesterday a Brazilian website came out with an alleged interview with Ronaldo, where he stated that he wants to go to Madrid, but only if they are willing to pay the amounts being claimed to Manchester United. He went on to say that this is all he will be saying about his future until after Euro 08, and stated that he didn’t want to be asked any more questions on the topic, and that he wouldn’t be answering them, until Euro 08 is complete.

So if the journalist for the website is to believed then it seems Ronaldo wants to go to Madrid.

However when contacted said journalist would give no answers to questions about the interview, where it was held, was it by phone, and more importantly, when it was held. So serious doubts must be expressed about this piece of breaking news.

Even if the interview did occur, the doubts that the journalists lack of answers brings forward put the context into question. Ronaldo may have said that yes he does want to play for Madrid, but it could have been followed by a “in 4 or 5 years time.”

Whatever is being said what was needed was for Ronaldo to come out and state either way what he wants, whether or not he gets it. He is after all contracted to Manchester United for a further 4 years, having just signed a new 5 year deal last year. While this may not mean much to Madrid, and modern day footballers, it should still count for something.

Further news coming out of the papers today say that Ronaldo has banned Sir Alex from coming to Switzerland to talk to him. Again, like any story about Ronaldo these days it must be taken with a pinch of salt. Ronaldo had suggested that he would be staying at United for as long as Sir Alex was in charge, and their relationship did seem strong. For Ronaldo to take such actions would suggest that there had been a huge breakdown in their relationship over the last week, and also show great immaturity and disrespect, especially if there is a chance, as United say, that Ronaldo will be returning to United next season.

Another report claims that Ronaldo’s mother has said that her son will still be a Manchester United player next season and for a while yet.

It seems that the papers have the freedom to make up stories  and quotes with alarming regularity, and or that people are speaking on Ronaldo’s behalf with little or no knowledge of what the players wants or feels.

There are surely going to be many more twists to this story over the coming weeks, with most suggesting that Ronaldo is Madrid bound, and some saying that he will be staying put. Whatever is said, until Christiano comes out and says his bit we should treat them as fiction. Only one man knows the truth and he has yet to speak.


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