United Must Be Firm In Ronaldo Saga

Each day seems to bring with it new and differing stories about whether or not Christiano Ronaldo will be a Manchester United or Real Madrid player next season, and each of these stories are said to come from sources close to the player. Todays reports suggest that Ronaldo has decided to leave United for Madrid, but will wait another year before doing so.

While Madrid seem to play games that flirt with the boundaries of ethics in there almost daily task of unsettling Ronaldo, while at the same time reprimanding Robinho for essentially playing the same game, but this time against Madrid, talk of what it would cost Madrid to get United to part with their prize asset, it is hard to separate the fact from rumour.

A figure of 100 million Euro has been branded about a lot, a number that would not just eclipse the world record fee of 50 odd million Euros Madrid paid Juventus for Zidane, but would smash it to pieces. But would Madrid be willing to really pay that much? In truth the fee would probably not make Ronaldo the first 100 million Euro player, it would be less then that, but still far higher than the amount paid for Zidane. While Real do seem to play with monopoly money in the transfer market, they would I think be serious about shelling out that much for their number one target. Ronaldo is Zidane and Beckham put together, the best player in the world with the marketability to go with it. So yes Madrid will be willing to smash all records to get there man.

Another transfer deal that has been doing the rounds is that Madrid are willing to offer United 3 players, Sergio Ramos, Diarra, and Robinho, plus a large some of money for Ronaldo. This may be more realistic as the bank manager would be loath to hand over 100 million to them for a single player. Lending support to this rumour is an interview that Robinho had with a Portuguese magazine where he let on that he may be going to United as part of a deal for Ronaldo. Robinho has since been called to task by Madrid for opening his mouth. He also suggested that Arsenal and Chelsea were also interested in him and this may just be a plot by the player to get a better contract as he feels he is underpaid in comparison to some of his team mates. Sergio Ramos would be wanted as he could be the right back United are in the market for, and can also play at centre back. Diarra Interested United while at Lyon before Madrid stepped in a bought him, and Robinho has talent. However it must be remembered that Madrid are trying to force United to part with their best player, their prize asset, and as such United should play hard ball if they are forced into parting with Ronaldo, something they do not want to do.

If United are to give up their best player then they should ask Madrid to do the same. As well as a record amount of cash they should demand Iker Casillas. Casillas is up with Buffon as the best keeper in the world, and at 27 still has 10 years left at the top. Why should United be the only ones to lose out on their best player? Madrid should do the same. Casillas at the back for United for 10 years would bring the same stabilty that United enjoyed with Schemiecle between the posts. Madrid will not be happy with this idea and will fight against it, but it is high time that someone made Madrid make some concessions in the transfer market. United sold them Beckham, for way to little, van Nistelrooy and Heinze in the past few years, but all were sold because United choose to. Ronaldo is wanted at United and they will fight to keep him, but if they are forced to give him up, then they must make sure they get more than what is offered.

David Beckham has urged Ronaldo to stay, and as a player who made the move from United to Madrid, his words should be listened to by the young star. United are the best team for Ronaldo to be at. However money seems to talk louder than loyalty in this era and there is no guarantee that Ronaldo will be a United player next season. United must stand firm and ensure their demands are met as reluctant sellers. Madrid can not always get their way.


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