Someone Said No

Roman Abromovich may still be reeling from the shock of someone actually saying no to him, even when bag loads of money were thrown at them. Last night reports began circulating that Chelsea had met with Carlo Ancelotti’s representatives and a deal for a reported 24 million euro’s over 3 years had been agreed with the AC Milan manager.

After this story broke the AC Milan vice president, Adriano Galliani, came out and revealed that he had spoken to Ancelotti who had told him that he is 150% staying at Milan and will not go to Chelsea. Galliani went on to say that Ancelotti had already started arranging the teams pre season friendly programme and would be the manager for next season, 100% guaranteed.

So has it turned out that someone has actually said no to Abromivich and his money? When the Russian bought Chelsea he went on a spending spree that took the team from mid table to the top 2 in England over the last 4 years. Almost every player he wanted he got. Manchester United and Juventus wanted Drogba, Abromovich got him, United wanted Essien and Robben, Abromovich got them, the same with Ballack, Schevchenko and almost anyone else they wanted. He wanted a top manager in Jose Mourinho, they got him, even though the special one was thought to be headed to Spurs. He wanted a chief executive, he took Peter Kenyon from Manchester United. He even got away with expensive flops, Mutu, Crespo, Veron all came for big money, and all were soon gone. He wanted his friend Schevchenko, his manager Mourinho did not, he got him. He wanted Mourinho out, even though the special one had delivered 2 league titles in 2 seasons, after Chelsea had gone 50 years without a single league title. Mourinho was removed and replaced with another of his good friends, Avram Grant. Abromovich is used to getting what he wants and almost always get it.

With his friend Grant let go Chelsea had a 2 man short list of Ancelotti and Mark Hughes as their top targets for the vacant managers position. Ancelotti has apparently said no and Hughes is about to be named as the new manager of Manchester City, unless Chelsea manage to hijack that deal, and they have very little time to do so. Both their targets seem to be lost to Chelsea and they will now have to move further down their list of managers for the job.

Abramovich does not get turned down often and will no doubt not be enjoying this morning too much. Don’t expect him to lay down and accept defeat. Milan can expect a fight for their manager, and Abramovich will no doubt only give up when its clear to him that he has been defeated, and that money can’t get him everything. A theory he will surely be testing in the coming days.

For now we must commend Ancelotti, if it is indeed true that he has turned down the millions on offer at Chelsea, to stay at the club he loves, the club he played for, the club he has won the Champions League with as both a player and as a manager. For today it seems that love has won over money. For today.


One Response to Someone Said No

  1. It makes a change to see that money doesn’t always talk, but there is another side to the argument. Mark Hughes has built an ever improving side at Blackburn but has taken the money and a massive risk with his reputation by going to work for Thaksin who is clerly unstable. So i’m afraid money does talk – I suspect if he really was offered the Chelsea job that either Thaksin offered more money or that he just didn’t fancy moving to London!

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