United – Champions Again!

It was close, 2 points in the end, and didn’t go down to goal difference, but in the end the best team won.

Manchester United piped Chelsea to the Premier League title, their 10th and 2nd in a row, in a dramatic final day of the season. United always had their destiny in their own hands, knowing a victory would give them the title no matter what happened in London, because of their vastly superior goal difference. For Chelsea, they needed to better United’s result, meaning they were as reliant on Wigan as they were on themselves.

In the end United came through against a brave Wigan, wining 2-0 with goals from Ronaldo and Giggs, who came on to equal Bobby Charltons appearance record for United, and Chelsea were pegged back by a late Bolton equalizer to draw 1-1. United were champions for the 10th time in the Premiership, and 17th time over all, pulling them to within 1 of Liverpools 18 league titles.

For all Avram Grants moaning about goal difference being an unfair way to decide the title, that they should rather have a play off, in the end it didn’t matter, as United finished 2 points clear. Winning by goal difference would have been a victory for expansive football, as it wasn’t a single goal or two that United lead by, but rather closer to 20, and it is better that this is rewarded, rather then Grants wishes being met. United were more than worthy champions, ending the season with most points, most wins, most goals, and least conceded, most clean sheets and most shots on target, as well as Ronaldo finishing as the seasons top scorer, by some distance.

While Chelsea put up a good fight, and will no doubt be feeling a little hard done, whether or not this is justifiable, in truth the best team won at the end of the day, and any other result would not have been just.

Congratulations to Manchester United, champions of England again, and in particular to Ryan Giggs, who like Sir Alex, picked up his 10th title medal, a remarkable achievement that could not have happened to a better pro. Even Chelsea fans would agree with that.


One Response to United – Champions Again!

  1. Dreamlife says:

    that’s right – we were the best team this season, and the most exciting too. Chelsea could complain about goal difference – but it’s an important indicator of how a team plays. United played the most attractive football consistently through the whole season – which is why we had the best goal difference. (Arsenal were good too, but couldn’t keep it up)

    you can grind out results and do well on points, but fans want a team that entertains – not just a team that wins.

    as for Liverpool, people – especially Liverpool fans – must remember that their club was formed quite a while before United, so they were playing in leagues before United, and thus had more seasons to win the league. if we do it again and beat their record, we’ve done it in less total seasons than them.

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