Quick Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates but my computer was killed by a Trojan virus and I’ve been offline until that gets sorted. Hopefully I’ll be back this weekend.

Some quick cricket news regarding South Africa:

Charl Langeveld has taken up a Kolpak contract in England, ruling himself out of representing South Africa, effectively announcing his international retirement. Langeveld recently pulled out of the South African team that toured India, having been chosen ahead of Andre Nel because he is a non white player. Langeveld did not want to be chosen on any other criteria other than merit and would not allow himself to be used as a political pawn to fill a quota position. His stand must be commended and is hopefully the view that all South African cricketers take. He will be a loss to South Africa but will hope that the powers that be at the top of South African cricket take action to ensure that this sort of thing does not happen again, and that non white players do not feel the added pressure that the quota system unfairly places on them. Good luck to Langeveld in England.

Three South African cricketers, Andrew Hall, Justin Kemp and Johan van der Wath have won their appeal to play in for their Englishcounty teams, having initially been barred from doing so for playing in the rebel Indian league. The trio hope that the same action will be taken to allow them to play domestic cricket in South Africa. This may be harder than first thought as rebel players have not been technically banned in South Africa, rather the franchises have come to an agreement not to select any rebel players. 8 South African players have played in the rebel league and they would need one of the franchise teams to break the agreement for them to have any hope of playing domestic cricket in their homeland. A tough situation for all involved.


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