Well Done Charl



Charl Langeveld must be commended for taking a stance and bravely making a decision, which while being extremely difficult for him, can only be good for South African Cricket.


By opting out of the forthcoming tour to India, clearly showing those at CSA and the selectors, that he will not stand for being picked on the basis of his skin colour but on merit alone. Langers is not allowing himself to be used as a pawn for others gain, and has put worth to his, and all players, right to represent their country. The right to play for your country belongs to everyone. The players with the best ability must be chosen, and not the whitest or the blackest players. Talent, skill and ability are all colour blind, and so should our selection procedure be.


When Langeveld withdrew himself from the squad, and suggested that Andre Nel, who he had replaced, deserved his place in the squad, two things became abundantly clear; 1) that non white players will not allow themselves to be token selections, to make up certain racial targets, and 2) most importantly, that the team spirit amongst the players is strong enough that Langeveld will try to correct perceived injustices against one of his team mates by sacrificing himself.


It is inexcusable, unfair, and simply embarrassing to put black players in a position where they feel that they are not being picked on merit. Well done to Charl Langeveld for taking a stand, one that he should not have had to take, and hopefully will not lead to him being lost to South African cricket. The Cricket South Africa should be protecting its players and not putting them in difficult positions.


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