Woolmer Strangled

It has been confirmed that the death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer is being treated as murder. Woolmer was found in his hotel room the night after Pakistan suffered a shock defeat to World Cup new comers Ireland. At the time it was reported that he may have died from a heart attack brought on by stress. Throughout the week various claims and speculations were forth coming as to the true nature of Woolmers death. Many seemed to believe that he may have been killed. Jamaican newspapers had reported that senior sources within the police department had commented that thee were signs that Woolmer had been strangled. These were denied. However after a second post mortem had taken place it can now be confirmed that there is evidence that Mr Woolmer may have been strangled. There were no signs of a break in or of a struggle in his room so it seems that he may have known the killer. Pakistani News is also reporting that a man has been arrested in connection with the murder. This has been denied in Jamaica. The Pakistani News reports suggest that the man had his cell phone and diary confiscated and that these contained the names and numbers of some Indian and Sri Lankan cricketers. Yesterday former Pakistan fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz claimed that Woolmer may have been killed to silence him from blowing the whistle on a betting scandal he may have uncovered. The police have said that, although keeping an open mind, they would not like to speculate that match fixing is involved at this time. Police are also still awaiting results of the toxicology report. The Woolmer family were made aware of the developments but were to shaken to comment. A statement from the family is expected soon. In the meantime the World Cup continues under the increasingly darker shadows of this murder.


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