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Australia beat South Africa by 84 runs

Australia 377/6 (Hayden 101, Clarke 92, Hall 2/60)

South Africa 294 (de Villiers 92, Smith 74, Hogg 3/61)

England beat Kenya by 7 wickets

Kenya 177 (Tikolo 76, Kamande 17, Anderson 2/27)

England 178/3 (Joyce 75, Pietersen 56*, Tikolo 1/18)

Euro 08 Qualifiers

Kazakhstan 2 – 1 Serbia
Poland 5 – 0 Azerbaijan
Portugal 4 – 0Blgium
Faroe Islands 0 – 2 Ukraine
Scotland 2 – 1 Georgia
Lithuania 0 – 1 France

Moldova 1 – 1 Malta
Norway 1 – 2 Bosnia-Herzegovina
Greece 1 – 4 Turkey

Ireland 1 – 0 Wales
Cyprus 1 – 3 Slovakia
Czech Republic 1 – 2 Germany

Estonia 0 – 2 Russia
Israel 0 – 0 England
Croatia 2 – 1 Rep. of Macedonia
Liechtenstein 1 – 4 Northern Ireland
Spain 2 – 1Denmark
Albania 0 – 0 Slovenia
Luxembourg 1 – 2 Belarus
Holland 0 – 0 Romania




West Indies beat Ireland by 8 wickets on D/L method

Ireland 183/8 (Bray 41, Botha 28, Gayle 2/23)

West Indies 190/2 (Chanderpaul 102*, Sarwan 36, Langford-Smith 1/33)

Sri Lanka beat India by 69 runs

 Sri Lanka 254/6 (Tharanga 64, Silva 59, Khan 2/49)

India 185 (Dravid 60, Sehwag 48, Muralitharan 3/41)

Woolmer Strangled


It has been confirmed that the death of Pakistan coach Bob Woolmer is being treated as murder. Woolmer was found in his hotel room the night after Pakistan suffered a shock defeat to World Cup new comers Ireland. At the time it was reported that he may have died from a heart attack brought on by stress. Throughout the week various claims and speculations were forth coming as to the true nature of Woolmers death. Many seemed to believe that he may have been killed. Jamaican newspapers had reported that senior sources within the police department had commented that thee were signs that Woolmer had been strangled. These were denied. However after a second post mortem had taken place it can now be confirmed that there is evidence that Mr Woolmer may have been strangled. There were no signs of a break in or of a struggle in his room so it seems that he may have known the killer. Pakistani News is also reporting that a man has been arrested in connection with the murder. This has been denied in Jamaica. The Pakistani News reports suggest that the man had his cell phone and diary confiscated and that these contained the names and numbers of some Indian and Sri Lankan cricketers. Yesterday former Pakistan fast bowler Sarfraz Nawaz claimed that Woolmer may have been killed to silence him from blowing the whistle on a betting scandal he may have uncovered. The police have said that, although keeping an open mind, they would not like to speculate that match fixing is involved at this time. Police are also still awaiting results of the toxicology report. The Woolmer family were made aware of the developments but were to shaken to comment. A statement from the family is expected soon. In the meantime the World Cup continues under the increasingly darker shadows of this murder.




New Zealand beat Canada by 114 runs

New Zealand 363/5 (Vincent 101, Fleming 66, Sandher 2/58)

Canada 249 (Davison 52, Billcliff 50, Patel 3/25)

Holland beat Scotland by 8 wickets

Scotland 136 (Rogers 26, McCullum 24, Stelling 3/12)

Holland 140/2 (ten Doeschate 70* Zuiderent 43*, 2/29 Blain)

Matchfixing and murder?


Speaking on Sky News today, Gill Woolmer, the wife of Bob Woolmer, said that she could not rule out the possibility that her husband had been murdered. This comes after an autopsy had deemed that Woolmers death not be labelled as suspicious. The results of further tests, including toxicology, are expected soon and will hopefully provide more answers for his family and the public.When asked about the speculation that her husband had committed suicide by overdosing on pills and alcohol, Mrs Woolmer, together with her son Russel, said that this would never have happened. She went on to say that he had been depressed after Pakistan’s shock defeat by Ireland the night before, but that he had always been depressed his team had not performed as well as they could. With mounting speculation that Woolmers death may have been foul play, newspapers in Jamaica are claiming that they have sources within the police department who are saying that there is evidence that Mr Woolmer may have been strangled. Following on from this claim is the news that Sarfraz Nawaz, a former Pakistan fast bowler, is alleging that Woolmer may have been strangled to silence him from going public about a betting scandal that he may have discovered. Nawaz says that he believes that bookmakers are manipulating results at the World Cup, and that this may involve some Pakistan cricketers. He goes on to claim that Woolmer may have discovered this betting scandal involving his own players and as a result was silenced before he could speak out. It must be remembered though that at this time these claims are just that, claims, pure speculation. Match fixing and murder are not what the game of cricket or the family of Bob Woolmer need to hear right now. If it turns out that he lost his life as a result of a game, for that is just what sport is, a game, then this game may be sullied for a long time to come. Lets hope for all our sake, and most importantly for that of his family, that this is not the case.




Pakistan beat Zimbabwe by 93 runs on D/L method
Pakistan 349 (Nazir 160, Inzamam 37, Chigumbura 3/50)
Zimbabwe 99 (Chigumbura 27, Matsikenyeri 18, Afridi 3/20)

Sri Lanka beat Bangladesh by 198 runs on D/L method
Sri Lanka 318/4 (Jayasuriya 109, Sangakkara 56, Hasan 1/49)
Bangladesh 112 (Ashraful 45*, Bashar 18, Maharoof 3/26)